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  • Squirrel-Eze are our patented jewelry stands.
  • Squirrel-Eze organizes, consolidates and protects your jewelry investment. be it sentimental or real cash value.
  • Squirrel-Eze save time, keeping your jewelry at your finger tips. No more fumbling, rummaging or mix matched pairs. With Squirrel-Eze it is easy to find just the right pair to coordinate your ensemble, for quick changes from day to evening, or event to event.
  • Squirrel-Eze saves money. No more bent, lost or damaged earrings.
  • Squirrel-Eze are handcrafted, heirloom quality. Designed by a woman for women, it is built to last and be treasured; a piece of functional art.
  • Squirrel-Eze fit into any decor. Choose from any of our many colors, designs or stencils (click here to see our collections). Our designs are painted free hand, so no two are exactly alike, but do come in standard designs and colors. Stencils are courtesy of American Traditional Stencil Company as well as exclusive Squirrel-Eze stencils from Martha Morgan.
  • Squirrel-Eze unique one of a kind designs (e.g. scenic ponds, trees, birds and more) are only available at our shows (see our show schedule at Squirrel-Eze On The Road). There is always something new at Squirrel-Eze!
  • Squirrel-Eze are available in small, medium, and large to easily fit any space you desire.
  • Squirrel-Eze patented design makes them the most versatile jewelry organizers you can buy. Every Squirrel-Eze stands, hangs, stacks, and packs for travel, to meet your ever-changing needs!
  • Squirrel-Eze are easy to use. The grid is generous enough for effortless use, (no magnifiers needed) yet hold hanging and post earrings securely.
  • Squirrel-Eze uses only plastic mesh to protect your jewelry. Metal mesh scratches and dulls even the hardest of gems, and will damage your silver and gold findings leaving sharp edges.
  • Squirrel-Eze are hand crafted of solid wood, then individually stained for color bringing out the richness of the natural grain.
  • Squirrel-Eze are fitted with wooden pegs, for holding rings, bracelets, and necklaces.
  • Squirrel-Eze use solid polished brass hinges for quality, durability, and good looks.
  • Squirrel-Eze elegant folding legs lock open for stability in the standing position.
  • Simply unlock the legs and fold them neatly out of the way for hanging flush to the wall or stacking one on top of another.
  • Squirrel-Eze is hand rubbed with a paste wax to protect the finish and draw out the natural luster of the wood.
  • Squirrel-Eze are finished on all sides. At Squirrel-Eze, our attention to detail makes the difference.
  • Squirrel-Eze may be ordered direct, or find them in finer gift/craft shows and boutiques.
  • Avoid imitations!!! Look for our stamp on the back of each Squirrel-Eze.

Squirrel-Eze - "A Nutty Idea That Works."




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